A 1,000 foot-high ‘glass slide’ opens atop Los Angeles skyscraper

A 1,000 foot-high ‘glass slide’ opens atop Los Angeles skyscraper

Skyslide has opened in Los Angeles and takes riders on a 1,000 foot-high from the building’s 70th floor to the 69th, that it sounds like a thrill of a ride for those who don’t have fear of heights.

Skyslide was a $3.5 million chute made completely of glass and attached outside of the 70th floor of the tallest skyscraper which is the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles.

The slide is 45-feet long and hangs 1,000 feet above the pavement. It is made of three-ply glass with 1.25 inches and has been built to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds of up to 110 miles per hour.

Photo: Reuters

It is the main attraction at the new OUE SkySpace L.A. observation deck atop the city’s landmark skyscraper. John Gamboa, OUE America’s senior vice president said that there is nothing else like Skyslide in the world.

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

“The slide actually transports people from the inside of the 70th floor to the outside of the 69th floor. So you’re standing in the open air by the time you’re done with your ride,” Gamboa told CNN.

“We don’t know of anything else like it.” he added.

Photo: Reuters

Tickets cost $25 each and journey only lasts 45ft (13m) and riders could brace themselves to an observation deck at the bottom.

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