This BMW’s “Motorcycle of the Future” won’t require riders to wear helmet

This BMW’s “Motorcycle of the Future” won’t require riders to wear helmet

This is BMW’s zero-emission self-balancing bike with a perfect connectivity between its rider, bike and the outside world. It’s advanced system eliminate the need for protective gear — protect the rider at any time.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept is what motorcycles could look and act like in 2040. Its concept describes the vehicle keeps its eyes on the road, using a perfect connectivity able to anticipate obstacles and able to alerts the rider to potential critical situations.

Head designer for BMW Motorrad Edgar Heinrich said that the concept, “act with foresight and is able to protect the rider at any time.”

“Hence the rider’s gear will no longer focus on protection,” said Heinrich.

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior VP for BMW, said “The vehicle will be so safe that you cannot fall over. Accidents will be a thing of the past,” reports Mashable.

The bike comes with an augmented reality headset that serves the rider’s field of vision. The headset called visor shows speed, navigation and rear mirrors. The rider able to customize movements through the eyes and will not even require a helmet.

BMW Group

BMW suggests that this system would make the bike more quick and easier to handle.

The concept all started this year with BMW Vision Next 100 that indicates the future direction of the BMW cars. It was followed up with the Rolls-Royce Vision Next 100 and Mini Vision Next 100 as all the future vehicles played on each brand strengths.

BMW Group

BMW celebrates company’s 100th anniversary as Motorrad is part of BMW’s Vision Next series.

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