Coca-Cola responsible for polluting Earth with over 100 billion bottles per year, says Greenpeace

The Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola responsible for polluting Earth with over 100 billion bottles per year, says Greenpeace

Have you ever asked if how many bottles does drink manufacturers created annually? This research study conducted by international environmental group, Greenpeace will answer this question.

When Greenpeace spearheaded to conduct an in-depth survey of the top six drink manufacturers in the world, of course, Coca Cola was asked to participate.

However, the soft drink giant refused to take part in the survey, but the refusal of the company didn’t stop Greenpeace from moving forward or including Coca-Cola from their survey which came back with some disturbing results.

The soft drinks giant tops the study conducted by Greenpeace with the most bottles produced per annum, Coca Cola refused to participate in the said research but the international environmental group did not stop to continue the study.

According to a representative from Greenpeace, since 2012 Coca-Cola had been selling around 128 billion plastic bottles a year to the consumer, and most weren’t recyclable in some areas of the world including the United States.

As expected, the soft drink giant has denied these allegations and has been quoted as saying:

“Coca-Cola is one of the few consumer goods companies whose packaging is 100 per cent [sic] recyclable. In Great Britain, we have reduced the amount of packaging we use by 15 percent since 2007, and we currently use 25 per cent [sic] recycled plastic in all of our bottles, ” a company spokesperson claimed.

Coca-Cola said they are doing all the can for the crisis in the U.K. But what about the global environmental crisis. Well, the soft drink giant has sworn that they are working hard to address this issue as well, and plan to tackle it globally by the year 2020.

Greenpeace along with other environmental groups by that time it maybe too late.

The group feels and rightfully so that given the fact that Coca-Cola is the leading drink manufacturer in the world along with being a billion dollar corporation there is no reason why they can’t tackle this issue now while its pertinent to do so.

Some could argue though is Coca Cola or any drink manufacturer who puts out plastic containers squarely to blame for all of this. After all, none of them can control what the actual consumer does, even if the packaging is recyclable will the person take the time to return the bottle for recycling, or at the very least find a recycling bin.

The group has a solution, that is in the hands of Coca Cola and their competitors, and that makes it worth it to the consumer to want to recycle by giving a sizable return on the recycled products.

They said if there is more money involved individuals may be more ready to say recycle than just throw the bottle on the streets or even worse in a nearby ocean.

In the end, Greenpeace believed that it’s up to Coca-Cola to decide whether they will take this advice to heart, however, on thing is certain Greenpeace isn’t letting them off the hook till they take responsibility.

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