Duterte SONA directs a ’no fashion show’ dress code

Duterte SONA directs a ’no fashion show’ dress code

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA) that will be held on July 25 will no longer be a collision of politics and Filipino Fashion as suggesting to a “no fashion show” dress code.

“We will downplay the event. It will not be a fashion show.  We want to center on what the President’s message is to our people, especially it’s his First State of the Nation Address,” Paola Alvarez, Incoming Finance Department spokesperson said during a Palace briefing.

Alvarez said that the guests will be requested to wear business attire presenting as the dress code in the event.

The President, however, will have to wear barong, she said.

Alvarez also said that some female guests may still wear Filipiniana telling it should be not more than knee-length. She said that it will be the SONA’s new dress code under Duterte administration.

“During the previous Sonas, most people see that this is an occasion where people tend to flaunt their gowns, their dresses; we want to step away from this norm and we want to bring back the real essence of this state of the nation,” Alvarez said.

The SONA will focus on the administration’s 10-point economic agenda and will tackle more detailed plans as to president Duterte promises made during the election campaign. President Duterte’s legislative agenda is expected to include restoration of death penalty for heinous crimes, measures that will push for federalism and comprehensive taxes reform.

To make the ceremony simple, as the President arrives, he will be escorted by the Majority Floor Leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives. He will then be greeted only by the Senate President and House Speaker instead of all the lawmakers.

Other related activities related to Duterte’s SONA will be directed by award-winning Brilliante Mendoza, who offered his services for free.

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