An electric self-driving truck that can be built in 4 hours

Credit: Charge
An electric self-driving truck that can be built in 4 hours

An electric delivery truck just unveiled by businessmen Denis Sverdlov that could be seen on UK streets by as early as next year.

Sverdlov is the chief executive of Charge the firm which is responsible for this truck. He says they are making trucks that are affordable, elegant, quiet, clean and safe.

The truck is an electric vehicle built from lightweight composite materials, which reduce the weight of the vehicle. It comes with a modular design, so it can easily be customized before assembly. Charge claims that a single person can build the truck in just four hours.

The truck is built “autonomous-ready” for when self-driving regulations takes place. By 2020, the UK government plans on having self-driving cars travelling in UK streets. A software for Charge’s self-drive cars was developed along with the vehicle itself and can be uploaded as soon as regulations become official.


Sverdlov also plans on focusing on affordability, so that the vehicle could give every fleet manager, tradesperson or company, big or small, the opportunity to change the way they transport goods and make towns and cities better places to live in.

About 10,000 units will be able to assemble in its first year in its first factory in Oxfordshire next year. They said the other variants will be developed ranging from 3.5 to 26 tonnes.

“We find trucks today totally unacceptable. Loud, polluting and unfriendly,” said Sverdlov. The truck could change all that as its electrical motor is silent and does not emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Its autonomy on the road could mean of less road accidents caused by human error, and UK’s plans for its release on its roads shows reduction of policy roadblocks to the adoption of-self-drive cars.

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