Erap won’t endorse the daughter of Bestfriend?

Erap won’t endorse the daughter of Bestfriend?

MANILA – Former Philippine President Joseph ( Erap )Estrada abandoning the daughter of his late, best friend Fernado Poe Jr.?

The Manila Mayor said he is saddened that he cannot support Grace Poe if she decides to run for Position Such As President under the Liberal Party (LP) in the 2016 National election.

He said as a member of the opposition Party , he is duty-bound to support the opposition candidate in the 2016 Election.

Erap wishes Poe would just run under the opposition

Estrada was earlier reported to have said he would Choose Senator Grace Poe over Vice President Jejomar Binay, his running mate in the 2010 elections who has openly declared his intention to seek the presidency.

Meanwhile Manila Mayor said he is confident that Binay will be able to hurdle the latest allegations being thrown at him after the Court of Appeals or C.A  issued a freeze order


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  1. Bentot

    May 30, 2015 at 4:30 am

    why do media give so much attention to this plunderer,hollow head garbage politician.Who cares if he will not support Grace Poe, Who is he any way he’s just an old smelly garbage idolize by the same flocks of garbage voters who are responsible to our messy political environment,i just keep on wondering how media people understand this ignoramus plunderer when ever he speaks mumbling and eating his words, portraying himself as siga siga ang kanto boy. Is this the kind of government official we deserve? To all stupid media people, stop interviewing this stupid ignoramus mammal.

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