Google introduces new algorithm that can shrinks JPEGS by 35%

Google’s Headquarters in California, USA.
Google introduces new algorithm that can shrinks JPEGS by 35%

World’s biggest tech conglomerate has introduced a new algorithm that could shrinks JPEGs by about 35 percent while retaining the same level of clarity.

The newest compression capability will definitely a good news for websites and services to load online, which is good for both Google and any web user.

The new compression algorithm was called as Guetzli, it is an open source JPEG encoder developed by Google Research, and the algorithm it employs can produce JPEGs that are 35 percent smaller while retaining the same level of clarity.


In order to accomplish this, Guetzli trades visual quality for a smaller file size at the quantization stage of image compression.

According to Google, the psychovisual modeling of Guetzli “approximates color perception and visual masking in a more thorough and detailed way than what is achievable” in existing methods.

It only shows and means that these smaller images will look just as good to the average person.

In fact, in an experiments comparing compressed images, human raters preferred the Guetzli-produced images over those created by libjpeg, even when the latter’s images were a larger file size.

Even though, Guetzli’s files are smaller, but it takes the encoder a bit longer than other compression methods to shrink images.

However, we’re left with smaller-sized images that don’t sacrifice quality, and these compressed images will shrink the time it takes Google to load websites and services, which is a good thing for both internet users and Google.

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