Largest data breach in the Philippines – how to protect your identity

Largest data breach in the Philippines – how to protect your identity

In a facebook post last march from a group they called LulzSec Pilipinas wrote, “A great lol to Commission on Elections, here’s your whoooooole database.”

The data allegedly exposes the whole information relevant to voters registration available.

The database is avalable for download posted on LulzSec Website.

At this moment a website was put up and let anyone search for a name that is listed in the leaked database.

The website has named “Philippines, we have your data :b”

The site allows anyone to input a first name and last name to index a list of possible matches from the Comelec database, which can include their own data.

The data itself, based on a number of reports, includes birthdates, fingerprint data, names of relatives, one’s personal address, citizenship information, passport information, and other miscellaneous information.

Based on the whois information, the website registrant is from Russia.

Security firm Trend Micro said that the breach made Filipino voters “susceptible to fraud and other risks.”

If you are listed or a registered voters your information is probably leaked on the database. Here are some few tips to prevent you from identity theft.

Tip: rename/rearrange all your online presence in websites particularly in social media, they might use it to search your name in the database leak, and a possible social engineering tactics. (e.g., if your name is Juan Dela Cruz you might rearrange it to Juan Cruz)

P.S. You may pass this article to all your relatives and friends and be aware.

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