AgIC circuit marker pen draws electricity

AgIC circuit marker pen draws electricity

Tech company has continued its ways to find alternative solutions to the growing demands of electricity in the world, many inventions has been innovative and useful to the mankind.

But this new discovery of a Japanese firm even though its small but it introduces a limitless ideas.

Tokyo-based company AgIC has created a pen with silver ink that allows you to draw electrical circuits. The name is a nod to the chemical system for silver, Ag, along with the initials IC, which stand for “Ink Circuit”.

Seeing the pen, we may see it just like a normal marker pen. However, using the conductive properties of silver found in the ink, you can turn your doodles into a functioning electrical circuit.

A girl tried the new pen marker invention and it works.

Citing a video from Vocativ shows some of the imaginative and practical applications of this electrified doodle pen. Aside from anything, it’s a great way to get kids interested in electronics or even just being creative.

According to the AgIC, the pen was designed not for industry consumption but for educational purposes.

The idea comes following a Kickstarter campaign, which was successfully funded in January 2015, and now their product is commercially available.

From an idea it is now a reality, you can buy a silver ink pen for yourself on the AgIC online store for $14.99.

However, heads up tech enthusiasts out there, the company said they will guarantee it works if you also buy their specialized paper.

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