Philippines need to balance position with China

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Philippines need to balance position with China

MANILA – International security analyst suggested that the Philippines should not overreact on China’s reclamation over the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea.

Security analyst Prof. Rommel Banlaoi said that the Philippines should resume its diplomatic bilateral relationship with Peoples Republic of China (PRC) since it could not be stopped anymore.

“They will not stop especially now that they have invested a lot in constructing those facilities in previously submerged features” Prof Banlaoi said

The analyst noted that the Philippines gained moral victory from its arbitration case against China and received support from the international community for challenging the nine-dash line claim

The analyst explained that China is reacting as such against the Philippines because of its alliance with the United States (US).

Though the US maintained neutrality over the West Philippine Sea territorial disputes, it has committed to assist the Country in defending itself.

“The reason why China intensified its reclamation work in the South China Sea is because of the fear that the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement or EDCA will lead to the strategic encirclement of Communist China ,” Banlaoi said.

Security analyst also said that  China is worried of United States Armed Forces activities over the West Philippine sea

he noted that the Philippines should rebalance its position on China, citing its ASEAN neighbors who are maintaining diplomacy despite of the territorial disputes

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