PHL-Japan Passex successful China Worried

PHL-Japan Passex successful China Worried

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and the Philippine Navy successfully conducted Passing Exercise (Passex) to test Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea Philippine  with Philippine Frigate Brp Ramon Alcaraz and two Japanese destroyers JDS Harusame (DD-102), JDS Amigiri

Philippine Biggest Ship Brp Alcaraz was going out for her deployment within Philippine Waters while two Modern Japanese destroyers were on their way back to Japan.

The Japanese destroyers arrived in the country Last May 9 2015 to enhance the already strong relationship between their Philippine Counterpart

Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Jesus Millan said This is for safety purposes, just to avoid encounters at Philippine Waters or Sea and unusual incidents

While The Ties Between Philippines and Japanese Navy are Getting Stronger

China’s Foreign Ministry said  they taken note of the report of the first ever PHL-Japan joint military exercise in the South China Sea and will pay close attention to this.

China’s Foreign Ministry also said It is hoped that relevant countries would respect efforts by regional countries to safeguard peace and stability of the South China Sea by themselves, and refrain from playing up tensions or doing anything detrimental to security mutual trust among regional countries and peace and stability in this region,”

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