American doctor successfully measures the weight of human soul

American doctor successfully measures the weight of human soul

Have you ever wondered how’s our soul weight? This news may find you interesting, some people believe that at the moment a person dies their body becomes lighter as the soul leaves the body.

This would, of course, mean that the soul is a true part of a person and it has weight to it. One physician was so sure of this that he tried to find out the weight of a soul as that soul left its body by putting a patient who was dying on a scale.

For a long time, many religions state that death is not the end; it’s a mere transformation when the soul leaves the body it takes on a new journey.

However, the soul is intangible as it is something that cannot be touched, nor does the soul have a smell, and it cannot be heard. Of course, without believing that there is a soul, this would mean that dead is actually dead.

Dr. Duncan MacDougall from Massachusetts could not accept that as being reality, and he said that the soul was material and so it had mass to it. He said that a measurable drop in weight of a person at the time of their death would be seen, at the moment that the soul left the body.

To prove his theory, Macdougall conducted experiments in 1907.

The Doctor wanted to find out if the psychic function continued to exist as a personality or individuality after the death of the body and brain.

In order to determine, he made a special bed which he arranged on a light frame, which he built over a balanced platform beam scale. This was sensitive down to two-tenths of an ounce.

Afterwards, he then watched over six patients, all being in the end stages of a terminal illness, during and after death. He carefully measured changes in weight and then eliminated physiological explanations.

There was one channel of loss that the Doctor needed to explore and this was the release of all air in the lungs of the deceased.

The proponent did manage to deal with this and excluded it from his findings, and he determined there was a weight loss of three-fourths of an ounce that could not be explained away. He determined that this weight loss was the soul leaving the body.

To validate the findings, Macdougall repeated the test with 15 dogs, and his conclusion was that there was no weight loss at the time of death. He firmly believed that this corroborated his theory that the loss in weight at the time of the death of the people he monitored was the soul leaving the body.

The research findings of the american physician was published by New York Times.

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