Rocket System of United States will be Installed in Palawan

Rocket System of United States will be Installed in Palawan

The High Mobility Artillery Rocket System of U.S military will be Installed in Palawan during the  Balikatan Exercise Between Filipino and U.S Troops . This is after the firing of HIMARS rockets was demonstrated last  April 4 at the Northern Part of the Philippines

U.S Army Captain Celeste Frank Sayson Said the U.S Military Rocket  will be brought to Palawan, but he added that there will be no live firing of Rockets  instead, a “simulated firing” will be conducted

“Simulated firing” will be part of the programmed maritime interdiction exercise off eastern Palawan.

Last Monday  the US Marines fired reduced-range practice rockets in Tarlac City these practice rockets has a range of 15 kilometers and ballasted with non-explosive material.

U.S Army Captain Also Assure that there will be another live firing in Tarlac City in the Second week of April 2016

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