Seawater greenhouse is the future of farming

Seawater greenhouse is the future of farming

It is the Project Sundrop.

Located in the desert of southern Australia, it is an inhospitable, dry and hot area that was considered sterile until now for any type of agriculture.

The farming system is so unique that it requires no soil, pesticides, fossil fuels and fresh water. With only solar energy and seawater, it managed to produce up to 17,000 tons of tomatoes a year.

The project began in 2010 with an experimental greenhouse near the city of Port Augusta, and with good results in 2014, it began construction of another greenhouse of 20 hectares in the same area that was completed in 2016.

The greenhouse acquires seawater from Spencer Gulf, two kilometers away, that passes desalination plant powered by solar energy. The fresh water irrigated produced 180,000 tomato plants located inside the greenhouse after removing the salt.

The solar energy on sunny day can produce up to 39 megawatts of power, enough to supply desalination plant and electrical systems to maintain the temperature in the greenhouse.

A great advantage was, seawater also helps to clean and sterilize the air in the greenhouse, meant of not using any type of pesticides.

Produced tomatoes began to sold in local markets, though in winter time, it doesn’t managed to get the whole energy system, because solar greenhouse still has some dependence on fossil fuels. In any case, it still has to look for remedies.

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