Solar-powered printer introduces an inkless revolution

Solar-powered printer introduces an inkless revolution

The inkless revolution is on, pool of designers have crafted a printer that utilizes UV rays or sunshines to “tan” images and text onto paper.

Known as the Tanning Printer concept, it was designed by Hosung Jung, Junsang Kim, Seungin Lee and Yonggu Do, it does not require cartridges. The printer only used solar power diverting through a magnification system to print onto paper.

In order to function the system, according to report the printing system refracts light from the sun into a device, heating the printer up and powering it, as well as using the light to “tan” the paper through the glass.

Inventors liken the process to the “experience of burning paper using a magnifying glass”, and highlight the fact that the printer does not require ink or a power source.

The paper is warmed as it travels through the printer, and the glass on top of the device moves from side to side to ensure the image is documented across the sheet.

However, the invention has many drawbacks such as “cloudy weather”, and it is “impossible” to print something, adding “it will be better to put it on the balcony” or “even the roof of the office”.

As of posting, the concept has not yet fully available on the market but some retailers had already offered the printing system.

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