Sony developed smart contact lens that records video

Sony developed smart contact lens that records video

Nowadays, technology has continued to be produced and continues to completely change the world which made people realized impossible things.

For a long time, there are just a few of the greatest inventions that have ever existed, however they also have their shortcomings.

The year 2017 opens with another piece of technology that is believed to be coming out and it may change the world forever, however it may also be one of the most controversial changes to ever take place.

The prominent company Sony, known for media, television and computers conglomerate, developed new offering a blink-powered contact lens that enables to video things that our eyes can see.

The Sony’s new invention draws controversies from different social groups.

Sony is trying to make a comeback now with the newest invention involving eye-wear. This eyewear is believed to be a new style of contact lenses, however this is no regular contact lens. It is believed to be a contact lens that is capable of accessing the internet and creating records with the blink of an eye.

The invention comes amid the new phase of leadership in the world, where governments are looking for everyone’s shoulders.

The smart eye wear will most likely become more controversial once it reaches mass media.

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