The world’s largest solar power system generates in one shopping mall in Philippines

The world’s largest solar power system generates in one shopping mall in Philippines

Robinsons Land, a Philippines-based property developer will boast the world’s largest commercial rooftop solar array, that generates 2.9 MW of clean energy to help run the entire mall’s operation.

It is said to be the biggest private solar power system designed for self-consumption in the Philippines.

The shopping mall has plans to add rooftop solar panels to their other retail centers with a total of 12.5 MW by end of the year.

Robinsons Starmills in San Fernando, Pampanga switched this month with 2.9 MW solar array. Robinsons Land company have invested with these series of projects and announced this March with lineup of six to complete by May.

The developer aims to get 12.5 MW solar power capacity across 10 solar plants which will be located at the rooftops of shopping malls; if combined, it will generate almost 16 million kw/h of clean energy and can save 8,670 tons of CO2 emissions each year; that is equivalent to 223,965 full grown trees.

The company promises that the plants will generate around 30 percent of the energy needed to run those shopping malls; hence, the developer plans to install solar power arrays on the rooftops of its 41 malls but there’s no release of expansion yet.

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