Yahoo Inc. shutting down in Philippines

Yahoo Inc. shutting down in Philippines

In the earlier news that Apple Inc. will transfer its manufacturing company in Philippines, there this tech giant Yahoo Inc. said that it will shutdown some of its services including Yahoo Maps, as it focuses on search and digital content.

Its services will shut down by the end of this month, as Amotz Maimon, Yahoo’s chief architect, said in a blog post, it faces intense competition from Google Inc’s Maps services.

Maimon also said that Yahoo’s search and other services including Flickr-photo-sharing website will still support Yahoo Maps.

Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has been giving efforts to revive its meaningful revenue growth.

Maimon also said that Yahoo will still scaling back mail support for the built-in Mail app for older versions of Apple Inc’s iPhone OS.

Yahoo said Philippines homepage would be shuttered, while Yahoo Music services will also close in France and Canada and Yahoo Movies in Spain.

Yahoo TV and Yahoo Autos will be stopped in the UK, France, Germany , Spain and Italy by end of June.



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